Rolls Royce Phantom Hire

Rolls Royce Phantom Hire

Rolls Royce Phantom Car Hire, A perfect and elegant wedding car also Good for Business Meetings , hire and impress in this elegant machine on wheels, kitted out with its scrupulous leather interior and finished in lovely walnut dash you will certainly turn heads in this vehicle if you are trying to make a statement then this is the Rolls Royce Phantom to Hire.

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A Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Is Unlike Anything Else

The Rolls Royce Phantom is one of the most luxurious vehicles that you could ever find. Today you can hire one of these amazing vehicles for all your different needs whether it’s for a wedding, a business meeting or even just a time to take a stroll out on the open road. You should make sure you reserve your vehicle soon for the best results though.

What Is the Phantom?

To understand why a Rolls Royce Phantom hire is such a great idea to consider, you should see how a hire like this can be great for you. The Phantom is a classic vehicle that features a V12 engine 21-inch alloy wheels. It also has a fifteen-speaker sound system that even works with its own navigation system. The suspension is also capable of adapting to all kinds of road conditions. The Phantom is truly a car that is unlike anything else out on the road.

However, it is obviously going to be tough for some to afford this vehicle, what with it going for about half a million dollars on the market. Fortunately, a great Rolls Royce Phantom hire can be ideal for those who want to travel out and enjoy the life of luxury in this amazing vehicle.

A Posh Experience

The experience that comes with riding in a Rolls Royce Phantom is impossible to replicate in other vehicles. The Phantom has an amazing leather seating arrangement that is made with only the finest luxury materials.

A moon roof is also included inside this vehicle. It creates an amazing experience that makes you feel like you’re in a convertible. This can also be controlled with a full electric panel; then again, the Phantom is one of the best-wired vehicles around so you’ll have plenty of support for your moon roof and other components in your vehicle.

Find wood panels and surfaces on the sides are available as well as some luxurious wooden carpets. The design of the Phantom places a emphasis on elegance but the comfort that comes with it is just as amazing. These features are all a big part of what makes the Phantom such a unique and amazing vehicle to hire out for your next big event.

What Can You Hire It For?

You can get a Rolls Royce Phantom hire for all sorts of purposes:

  • This vehicle is especially popular for weddings. You can rent out a Phantom for a few hours and use it as transportation to and from a wedding.
  • This can also be rented for corporate purposes. This is ideal for when an important guest is coming into your space for business purposes and you want to impress that person.
  • Phantoms can also be rented for proms. A driver can come over to pick up the high school students that are traveling to and from an elegant destination where a prom is held in.
  • You can even rent this vehicle for recreational purposes. You can rent it out by the hour but they do have a Minimum hire time which is 3 hours wedding hire is 4 hours.

You will enjoy using your Phantom for all of these purposes but it’s best to make sure you get your reservation ready as soon as possible. The Phantom is such a unique car that it can be tough to get, thus making it to where the number of Phantom vehicles available for hire at a given time will be extremely limited.

We also have this vehicle in the vintage range one of only 10 ever made in the uk back in 1935 and was owned by Sir George macpherson-grant 5th baronet of ballindalloch and also the owner of Grants Whiskey a very famous and well known brand.

Vintage Rolls Wedding Car

How Many People Can Use It?

comfortably seats 4 people but then it depends on the occasion

The Phantom can be used by as many as 4 people although this works best for couples. It is perfect for cases where a married couple or a couple heading to prom needs to use it.

You can also have the option to drive this vehicle yourself if you want to. You are not obligated to actually drive this vehicle but it can still be fun to try out yourself if you really want to give it a shot. You might be amazed at how thrilling this vehicle can be when you drive it. Of course, a professional driver from a car hire company can also take care of your driving needs if you just specify where you want to go and how long you need to use the vehicle for.

You will love getting out on the road in a Rolls Royce Phantom. The Phantom is a classic vehicle that is certainly amazing and offers a great experience unlike anything else. Try this vehicle out if you’re looking for a rental Rolls Royce for any special event or occasion.

Why Should You Hire Rolls Royce Phantom for Your Wedding Day, Are you planning your big day? Do you want to make the occasion more special with elegance and style? While planning your wedding day, you normally take care of everything including foods, decoration, clothes, accessories, and music. But have you thought about the transportation? Do you know how to impress the guest with the best transportation service and most stylish vehicle? If you’re looking for such option, then you should focus on the Rolls Royce Phantom Hire.

Some vehicles offer such timeless elegance like the Rolls Royce. It creates the perfect wedding environment when you reach the wedding venue. When you arrive, you’ll undoubtedly receive the attention of all. Everyone will find it impressive and will keep it in mind for years.

Why Should You Hire Rolls Royce Phantom for Your Wedding Day

The wedding is a special day in everyone’s life. You want to look your best and to present the occasion in the most impressive manner. If you want to impress your guests then focus on the Rolls Royce Phantom Hire. If you hire one of the Roll Royce vehicles for your big day, you will have a unique and different experience from the start to finish. Besides, you will get the undivided attention. If you hire from a reliable and experienced service, then they can make it more fun with some additional arrangements and decors. You will get unmatched comforts, superior feeling, and it will present you in a sophisticated and stylish manner. It is just like your wedding day will be the converted to the best day of your life.

Which one should you hire?

You will get different models. You just need to choose the right one depending on your preference and budget. You will have the vintage look, modern tastes, and classic looks. Rolls Royce Phantom Vintage cars are usually made between 1919 and 1930. They vehicles offer elegance, style, and superiority. You will also have options in the classics. You will get the classics from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. These vehicles are no longer in production, but these are still widely used for the specific occasions like wedding. If you want a modern and stylish look, then you should consider buying modern Rolls-Royce Phantom wedding car. These cars are the iconic cars and highly appreciated for the interior and exterior designs and the advanced features.

When the Rolls Royce Phantom Vintage offers ample seating for up to 4 passengers to reach in the venue with comfort, style, and elegance, the modern Rolls-Royce Phantom wedding car offers more facilities and comfort. Rolls Phantom Royce Vintage wedding car can enhance the look and elegance of the bride on her special day. These cars are very impressive and can create a special recognition. Moreover, the options will be many. You can choose any of them depending on your requirement. If you are looking for the seating arrangement of four and want to make the occasion more traditional and sophisticated, then you can consider hiring Rolls Royce Phantom Vintage cars. If you are looking for more seating options and some advanced facilities, then consider hiring modern Rolls-Royce Phantom wedding car.

In both the types, you will get many developed features including sleek apparel and classic look, luxurious interiors, advanced exterior, and eye-catching designs. It will make your journey safe, comfortable, fun, and impressive that you cannot expect from any other vehicle. One of the best things about the Rolls Royce vehicle is that it has an option for everyone. You can choose any of the models to exude elegance and class on your wedding day.

Rolls Royce Phantoms can help you to reach the wedding destination in elegance, class, and style. You will get comfort, entertainment, and some other safety features. It will enhance your experience and will make your wedding memorable and special. But if you want to get the best service, then you will have to hire the vehicle from an experience and reliable transportation service. They can understand your specific requirements and can offer you the right vehicle depending on the theme of your wedding venue. For the traditional wedding, you will have wide options with vintage Rolls Royce Phantom collection. For the modern theme, you will get the latest models. In addition, you will get the experienced chauffeurs to drive you safely to the wedding destination of your choice without fuss and stress free.


Rolls Royce Phantom Hire